Weekly Adventure: Swing Dance at The Hideout

So there are a couple of things that are going to make keeping this blog up to date hard, beside my general laziness and lack of motivation. The biggest one is that I lack a reliable internet connection in my apartment. I use my smartphone as a hotspot, which is workable to waste time on YouTube and check my e-mail, but that’s about it. The other is that despite the fact that I am completely content with my life, it isn’t what you would call a non-stop party.

Those things being said I think I’ve worked out a plan that even I can stick to. I generally do at least one exciting and/or interesting (at least by my standards) thing a week. So I’ll try to write a post every Sunday (when I generally bring my laptop to the lovely cafe I’m at now) about the “adventure” I’m planning for that week. And then at least one day a week (probably during my lunch break) I’ll do another random post about something I love.

So anyway, that being said – this week’s adventure takes place at one of my favorite places in Chicago – The Hideout. The Hideout is a tiny little hipster bar surrounded by factories sort of in Wicker Park. It’s also incidentally owned my mother’s best friend from childhood, whom I’m named after, which isn’t actually important except that it means that I get to meet famous people sometimes, and I’ve been have Hideout adventures since I can remember.

This Tuesday night they are having an event where there is a band called Barehand Dixieland (which is a cool enough name that I would be drawn in anyway) and includes a swing dance lesson! I heard about it from my friend Madison, who on top of being a genius, is a great dancer and is always dragging me to dance shows and blues dance parties. I haven’t ever done swing for real, except the fake way everybody does at weddings. So it might be humiliating, but at least the beer there is cheap.

Normally I’ll put photos from last week’s adventure at this point of a post…but since I of course don’t have any from last week…but here’s a video from Spring Awakening (I saw it at Northwestern on Friday)

The Bitch of Living

So Let’s Try This Again

Hello there,

I have a long and unsuccessful history with having a blog. My most successful really fell apart when I came back from Ireland. But I’ve graduated now, and I have both more and less variety in my life. But what I definitely have is more time on my hands and less sitting around in a room filled with friends discussing the details of the last play we saw or city adventure we took. And in the abscence of that I have turned to talking people’s ears off about things that I love, even when I can hear that they aren’t that interested. (My poor mother has been the most frequent, and I will admit most game, victim of these rhapsodies and rants.) So I’ve decided to spare my friends and relatives these all to frequent conversations and start up a blog to recount my adventures, and lack there of.