Things I Love: The Oscars

Oscar Night is my favorite holiday. In fact I said that so many times last night that all the people watching with me started ignoring me, but then again I also had everyone playing the “Scorsese” drinking game so by the end of the night I was saying a lot of stuff that should probably have been ignored. 

Generally as far as the awards go, I wasn’t really surprised by anything, but I was happy. I wanted Viola Davis for Best Actress, but then Meryl was so charming that I instantly got over it. But now more importantly – the dresses.

My favorite of the night was easily Jessica Chastain – she’s porbably my favorite actress right now and she looked AMAZING in Alexander McQueen.

I also adored Stacy Kiebler’s golden Marchesa gown. (I actually think she and George make an adorable couple, even though I’m still confused about where they possibly could have met each other.)

Speaking of beautiful couples…I love Brangelina. And though I’m not such a huge fan of black velvet, I am a big fan of the weird pirate pose she struck the whole night to highlight that slit.

I thought Glenn Close looked amazing in her Zac pozen gown-xedo (yes that’s what I’m calling it.) I also just love that she chose Zac Posen.

And Natalie Portman and her fiance just looked so happy and effortlessly glamourus I had to include them. And I love Jean Du Jardin’s face. Literally like how expressive it is.

Well anyway – next year (if I can manage to keep this up till then) you’ll see how much I love award season, because I’ll be blogging from the beginning, but this isn’t a bad start.


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