Things I Love: Weekend

No, this is not a post about how much I love not having to go to work (but while we are on the subject – how is it only Thursday?) This is about one of my favorite movies I’ve seen lately, and as awards season has just ended I have seen A LOT of movies lately.

So one of my slightly odd traits, what I might call a quirk if I was not so completely over that word right now, is that I love stories about gay men. Movies, plays, books. I mean this comes mostly from the fact that I love actual gay men, but I don’t really hang out with many people that don’t, and with a couple of exceptions I’m still more into “gay cinema” than any of my friends (including most of my friends who are actually gay guys.) I don’t have an explanation for this, or feel like I need one really, but it goes a little way to explaining why I appreciated this movie SO much.

The plot is pretty much sketched out in the trailer. Two attractive (but not in an everyday non-movie-star way) gay guys meet at a club, hook up, and fall for each other two days before one leaves England to move to America. It’s not earth shattering, but it’s REAL. And refreshingly no one dies, there is no preachy discussion of AIDS, and there is no one lying to some poor girl to remain publicly respectable.

You’d think that by 2012 I wouldn’t have to remark on the fact that someone made a movie about how gay men actually live, but I do. And this movie does it so quietly, and so well that I feel I’ll be thinking about it and reccomending it for a long time to come.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love: Weekend

  1. Another good movie to see would be Philadelphia. It is such a captivating story, and it really looks at how homosexuals can be discriminated against.

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