Weekly Adventure: Dinner at Twin Anchors

One of my favorite, favorite people in the whole wide world, my friend Julia,  is visiting Chicago this weekend, and we had a lovely reunion dinner last night. Not only because I missed her tons, and probably would have been happy splitting some fast food and a bottle of wine, but also because we discovered (through the magic that is Dining Chicago) a wonderful place called Twin Anchors.

Jules had said she wanted something really Chicago-y, and this place came through in spades. (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence, who talks like that? Definitely not me.) It has a great bar area, where you will have to wait for a table, but there’s room enough to mingle and this is Chicago, so the old guys at the bar watching the Hawks lose (tear) will probably offer you a stool.

The food is good, standard huge portions of fried things, but the real point is the history. According to the menu and website, Twin Anchors is one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago, which is cool and everything, but much more importantly:

1. It was in The Dark Knight


2. It was Frank Sinatra’s “favorite Chicago restaurant” – which is saying something, he really liked to come here and pretend to be in the mob. (He was friendly with members of The Outfit – at least according to this book.) He had his own booth at Twin Anchors, and would apparently have them ship him ribs and coleslaw when he was on tour…

Signing autographs in his booth

 Overall it deserved its reputation (and the food was cheap considering it’s in Old Town.) 


Twin Anchors is located at 1655 N. Sedgwick St. They don’t take reservations.


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