Weekly Adventure: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

One of oldest friends came to visit me from New York this weekend, and we literally exhausted ourselves staying up talking. (I’m seriously hoarse.) We had a lot of adventures (she had never been to Chicago before, and so I may have been a little overboard with the activity planning.) But the best one that I can really recommend, is The Neo-Futurists show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.

I really have no excuse for the fact that I had never been to the show before, it’s been running my whole life, and now it’s really close to my apartment. (Like we walked.)

A mix between theater, comedy, improv and performance art, the show consists of 30 short plays within an hour. Or I should say, it strives to consist of 30 shows. We saw 27 and the beginning of the next, because at the hour mark a buzzer sounds and they are done. No matter what.

The show was strange and wonderful as an overall experience, (there are bound to be some rough patches, I mean it’s 30 plays.) And the casts’ energy was infectious – which is good, because the show starts at 11 and as much as a I try to be a “funky young person” – as Lena Dunham would say – I have trained my body to wake up very early for work and therefore go to sleep before this show even got underway.

The coolest part is that I get to go back! They change the show every week by taking some plays out and putting new ones in, so after about a month it’s a completely new show. And I feel like I may have to start making a habit of going.



They have shows every Friday and Saturday at 11, and Sundays at 7. The theater is on the corner of Foster and Ashland, above the Nelson Funeral Home. 


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