Journals Are So Not OK to Read: Girls Episode 4

In time for the new episode to appear tonight, I have finally actually seen last week’s episode of Girls, “Hannah’s Diary.” It had a whole new level of awkward (which I think is kind of her objective) with the overly touchy new boss. (But on the bright side – she has a job now!)

I didn’t have as many thrills of recognition this week, but I did see issues that have definitely popped up or I wouldn’t be shocked to see come up. First I need to get something off my chest – I kind of hate Jessa, not that I don’t find her realistic, but I just can’t put up with her. (But I did love her way of comforting the recently rejected Soshana…that rang really true for me.)

I was super proud of Hannah for finally confronting Adam about the way he treats her. And I thought that scene was incredibly well acted and written, because it wasn’t a pity party. She acknowledged that he’s been acting this way because she has let him. (Something I think we all know in our hearts happens more than we want to admit.) Though I’m not super stoked that they then had sex, because he showed an ounce of emotion towards her, I am interested to see what the long-term fall-out from her honesty will be.

Now onto the title story – Ray (who is deliciously obnoxious, I know so many people like him) reads Hannah’s journal to Charlie (who I realized I’ve been calling Brian, because that’s how nondescript he is…I can’t even remember his name.) And realizes how frustrated Marnie is in their relationship. They then turn it into a song, which they then perform for Hannah and Marnie and a bar full of strangers. It’s not only horribly awkward, it’s really mean-spirited.

People shouldn’t read other people’s journals, they are just going to be offended, and honestly what were you hoping to find? It’s never good. At best it’s boring. Maybe I just take this personally as I have journals from many different times in my life littered throughout my apartment and would be horribly embarrassed if anyone ever read them, even the ones that aren’t that personal.

Also I’m a little confused at why Marnie was so mad Hannah after the song (she full on throws a drink at her). It’s not like they haven’t talked about all of these things before. It would be one thing if she was lying to Marnie’s face about it and then writing these things. But anger isn’t a logical thing so…

Also can we talk about true to life the whole going to see your friend’s really bad two person band play is? The awkward spoken word rendition of the diary entry, performance art gold man.

Hopefully it won’t take me a week to get around to watching the new episode, but for now I’m going to go out and enjoy the sun.

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