Doing It For the Story: Episode 5 of Girls

I’ve stopped looking at all of the reviews of every episode of Girls that clutter up my Twitter feed every Monday morning, but I did really enjoy reading this post pointing out to my favorite critics over at Slate that Girls is a comedy.

But honestly I can understand their confusion, with the exception of the absolutely delightful “high” Marnie/shy Charlie/totally gay Elijah college flashback scene, there wasn’t a lot to laugh about this week. Unless laughter is how you deal with feeling profoundly uncomfortable, I guess.

I know that I have been advocating, along with everyone else, for the Marnie/Charlie break up for the past 5 weeks, but now that it’s come I was actually really sad. Probably because Charlie finally seemed to have a spine, and a personality that didn’t revolve around how much he loved Marnie. I mean his “I am an important part of the community of this apartment” speech: Nonsensical? Sure. Charming in its desperation? Yeah.


Also he’s awesome at making furniture, that apartment was way cooler than Marnie and Hannah’s. Yes, this was a college relationship that should have ended with graduation, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t both in pain. Or at least he is. Honestly, Marnie, the “don’t break up with me” thing, gross. You clearly just wanted to be in control, it didn’t have anything to do with Charlie, which I guess is fitting, because you had clearly stopped thinking about him at all a long time ago.

Now on to Hannah’s story for the week. While I am generally a big proponent of doing anything “for the story” as Jessa tells Hannah, you should really draw the line at sleeping with your boss, or any inappropriate old man. The story won’t actually be that great, where could you tell it? It would just make everyone uncomfortable. And as for the last scene with Adam…I’m not going to go into detail but – Lena, I feel like we’re friends now and I know you are trying really hard to tell stories that have never been told and I think you’re succeeding. But I do not need to know certain details of your life (or your fictional characters’ lives.) I don’t want to know these things about my friends, and I’m pretty confident they don’t want to know them about me. That being said, it did make me laugh, even if mostly out of discomfort.

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2 thoughts on “Doing It For the Story: Episode 5 of Girls

  1. As usual, I love hearing your take on Girls (and thanks for the pingback). I think Lena Dunham is a genius, if only for her ability to get so many people to view her show so differently. I fully agree with you that the Charlie/Marnie thing was sad. But I’m looking at it from 20 years out; so instead of seeing it as a full-on fail, I’m seeing it as just part of all the awful things people have to go through in their 20s before they (hopefully) learn and grow. So I’m sort of laughing at her pitiful handling of it but I feel a lot of empathy there. Do you really think it was all about control or do you think part of it is that she’s just scared about how life will be without someone who adores her like Charlie?

    • Thanks! I totally agree that she’s a genius.
      As for Marnie, I’m not sure if it was ALL about control. I definitely think she’s scared, and that part of her is sad. I guess I understand why she went to his apartment, but it bothered me how far she let their “reconciliation” get before she did the right thing and let it end. I do think at least a part of it was that she never imagined Charkue would be the one to get to say it was over.

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