Life Stops When You Go Home: Girls Episode 6

This episode felt out of step with the rest of the series so far to me, but that isn’t necessarily a criticism. This week Hannah traveled home to visit her parents for their anniversary, which as they all discover is one of those ideas that sounds great over the phone, but it awkward in practice. They weren’t having a party they just wanted her to come home for the weekend.

First let me just say that I found myself really missing the other girls this week, and I’m excited to get back to their little world next week. (As is Hannah I think.)

Going home is weird, even when it doesn’t include a Judd Apatow written parental sex injury farce scene. And Lena brought her usual insight and to this quintessential young person experience as she has to every other so far, but the episode kind of left me feeling blank. There were a few great moments, I especially loved Hannah’s version of “affirmations” in the mirror before her date with the pharmacist. I’m not going to lie I have totally done that.

Emotionally I really connected to the scene in the hall between Hannah and her mom. Hannah decides not to ask for rent money that she desperately needs from her mom, because her mom is proud of how she’s “making it work” on her own in New York. What’s great about their relationship is I don’t think there’s really anything she could do that would really disappoint them, but their being proud is still so incredibly important to her.   

Basically this was an episode about how we all regress when we go home, but sort of surprisingly there was some progress with her relationship with Adam. In that he treated her like a person instead of “monkey meat.” I’ve said from the beginning that there’s a not terrible person hiding in Adam, but I might just want there to be, just like Hannah does.


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