Thing I Love: WTF with Marc Maron

I love podcasts, I need them to get through my day, but lately I’ve had some changes in my technology, and following a lot of daily podcasts has gotten a little harder to do. (Yes I tried Sticher, I’m not sure how I feel about it.) But I can’t not have someone talking into my ears to get me through the tedium of reports, so I did something new. I actually paid for a podcast.

More specifically I bought Marc Maron’s WTF ap. For those of you don’t know, WTF is a twice weekly interview show produced out of comedian Marc Maron’s garage. He interviews comedians mostly, with a random assortment of writers, actors, and other entertainment folks, along with his own parents and his therapist friend Dan. I’ve been listening to the new episodes of this for probably about a year, if not more, and have always enjoyed how Marc is able to disarm his guest enough somehow that they reveal things you are shocked to hear in public. (I mean addiction, family history, one guy came out – it’s insane what he gets out of these people.)

What buying the ap has allowed me to do is go back and listen to the entire run of the show, which has been so interesting. You really can track the evolution of the show from an idea that he’s trying to figure out to the wildly popular show that is now. Marc can be a difficult person and some of the best interviews are with comedians that he has had tension or outright conflict with in the past. So many people come into the garage and tell stories about how Marc was a dick to them in the past and he just listens, sometimes apologizes and sometimes argues. It’s fascinating. I’m a pretty private person about my emotional life, so the amount of candor that these people – especially Marc – display is astounding and wonderful to me.

Plus there’s lots of fun “inside comedy” shop talk and crazy stories about doing comedy in the 80s and 90s. Marc was friends with a lot of people who are famous now (look there’s him and a baby-faced Louis C.K.) and clearly has dealt with resentment issues, but he’s really carved out a niche for himself with this show, and if you like comedy at all (I’m a bit of a closet comedy nerd) this is definitely worth getting into.


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