Not Un-Nice: Girls Episode 8

On Sunday, Lena, tweeted that Judd Apatow had told her not to be afraid of romance while writing this week’s episode, because romance is hope. I love that as a concept, and I loved this episode of Girls. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were lamenting how bleak this show had become. (Our discussion followed the Hannah-goes-home episode.) We kept praising how close to our reality it was and then stopped to think how sad that made our lives seem. Sure we’re broke and directionless, but we also have fun, and love each other, and have hope.

This episode both reveled in despair – poor depressed Marnie Facebook stalking her ex with his new girlfriend – which we have all done, no matter how cool or together we pretend to be, and finally let Hannah be happy about something. I mean that “sorry” wall was adorable. But I have to keep reminding myself that she’s happy about a really unhealthy relationship with a man with zero social skills. Well that’s not quite fair. As Marnie says, Adam is not “un-nice,” his reaction to her Charlie-depression was actually really sweet, but he clearly has some impulse control problems. I see progress in Hannah though, yes she’s trying to make Adam into a relationship person, which I don’t think is going to happen, but in the process she is actually sticking up for herself. Is she wasting her time with Adam? Maybe, but there were some moments where they looked really genuinely happy, which was really nice to see.

Also I have the same relationship to jogging as Hannah – people who tell you it gets better are liars.

Onto the Jessa/Marnie/Chris O’Dowd situation. Some background up front – I’m in love with Chris O’Dowd. His characters in Bridesmaids and Friends with Kids are basically the man I want to marry. (I would say he was the man I wanted to marry, but he’s engaged and that’s inappropriate, also unfair.) So it was tough for me to see him being so creepy, but probably good for his career. He can be a hilarious creeper in addition to an adorable man…who knew? (Judd Apatow I guess – I can’t wait for This Is 40.) Because his break down when Jessa categorically turns down a threesome – obviously creepy and weird, but also so hilariously on-point. He played the role of the “venture capitalist” who wants desperately to be hip and young (mostly to get with girls too young for him) so well. I mean the turn tables? Come on.

To address the elephant in the episode – yes Jessa and Marnie made out – but unlike my boys over at Slate I really don’t think it was a stunt. I think Marnie is desperate to feel anything other than sad and like anyone but herself. She really meant it when she said she “was just trying to be free.” And aside from the physical moment, it was nice to see an actual bond between the two of them that didn’t just revolve around Hannah.  

The only real drawback this week was no Soshanna. Where was she hiding? Coming down from the crack still?

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One thought on “Not Un-Nice: Girls Episode 8

  1. Holy cow! I knew I knew the VC guy from somewhere, but I did not realize it was the sweetpea from Bridesmaids! His reactions to getting pushed out of the girls kissing scene were priceless.
    I liked this episode too, although it was hard to buy Hannah and Adam go so easily to bf-gf mode, full on like that. Guess we’ll see how that goes… 😉

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