This One Killed Me: Girls Episode 9

I have stopped and started this post four separate times, because the end of this episode really broke me. Part of the brilliance of Girls for me, as I know I have mentioned before, is how easily I can relate to the characters, how much of myself I see in all of them, for better or for worse (yes even Jessa). So to see, what really looked like a break up between Marnie and Hannah really broke my heart. I instantly wanted to text all of my friends, even the ones who don’t watch the show, just to say that I loved them and would never try to guess which 1,000 mean things they would say about me if they promised the same in return. (Because, let’s be honest, putting that out there like that was way meaner than any particular flaw that Marnie could have come up with right?)

I understand that is hard to live with close friends, believe me I understand, but watching it play out like that was legitimately too real for me. But once again, ultimately I think that’s a marker of just how brilliantly crafted this show is. I was just as astounded by Marnie’s anger as Hannah was, even though I got to see it build for 8 episodes. I really believed their anger and desperation, because I’ve been there (though thankfully not to the same extent.) Hopefully we will get some closure in the finale next week, because a slammed door is not closure, no matter how much we want it to be when we slam it.

Anyway onto lighter things. Soshanna returned!! And gave a speech about on-line dating, that I may have given almost verbatim in the past. Day-dating: it’s a new frontier. Though I am still holding out hope for her and Ray. Who by the way, even though he ruined Hannah’s chances at impressing her oddly close professor, continues to charm me with his ridiculous arrogance. I think it’s because his arrogance is so obviously based in insecurity, as opposed to Adam’s which is based, as far as I can tell, in self-delusion and slight mental illness. His monologue about the white dress, perfect.

I talk a lot about the writing on this show, how brilliantly I think Lena captures the way my friends and I talk and think, but this week the acting really stood out to me. Lena and Allison Williams in that last scene played the slow build to aggressive anger brilliantly, but my biggest compliments have to go to Jemima Kirke. Her scene with Katherine, the wife of the man she almost slept with, were so brilliantly acted, and she barely talked. I was obsessed with how she managed, without pulling faces, to appear so vulnerable and young. It was like a real person was breaking through the “Jessa-mask.”

I really hope that the fight was just a growing pain on the way to a more mature, less co-dependent friendship between Hannah and Marnie, because, like I wrote last week, the way that I love my girlfriends gets me through all the shitty being broke and lonely that being this age brings with it, and I can’t imagine losing any of them.

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