Triple Digit Movie: Your Sister’s Sister

So now that Girls is on hiatus it has been hard to motivate myself to find things to write about. Actually I have a list, but actually getting to it has been tough, mostly because it’s been really hot. In fact yesterday there was heat advisory, because the air temperature (without humidity) was over 100 degrees. I can’t afford to be blasting AC full blast round the clock so I have to get a little creative when finding ways to not die of heat stroke alone in my apartment.

Mostly this means I go to the movies. Last night I went to see the new indie movie Your Sister’s Sister at the Landmark on Clark, which by the way is one of my favorite places in the city, it’s a really nice theater at the top of a very strange mall, that shows a good selection of arty movies, without being too pretentious/independent to sell me a normal (read huge) size Diet Coke/Twizzler combination.

You pretty much get the gist of the movie from the trailer

and despite one twist, that I won’t give away here, because I honestly didn’t see it coming, it didn’t surprise me at all. But when the air outside is so thick that’s it’s suffocating the simple escape to a solitary cabin in Washington state was enough for me.

Here are Five Things Your Sister’s Sister confirmed for me:

1. Mark Duplass is awesome

I know he’s like the father of “mumblecore” or whatever, but I don’t really know what that means and I don’t care. He’s an a really good actor, and I find him really charming. If he were a theater actor I would say I had a “theater crush” on him, but saying I have a “movie crush” makes me sound like a twelve-year-old girl, so instead I will say I have an “art crush” on him. And this movie confirmed it.

2. Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt are distractingly pretty

Like so much so that I have to sometimes remind myself that they are actually great actors. And they really are in this. That’s the real strength of the movie, for most of it, it’s just the three of them in a cabin talking, and because they’re so good, it just felt like a really good play that had been filmed.

3. Vegans are smug

Even fictional ones. Gluten-free, dairy-free pancakes…no thank you.

4. Mike Birbiglia is really charming

He’s been popping up everywhere recently and it makes me so happy. I adore him. Can’t wait for his movie to be out here soon!

5. People are crazy, especially our siblings

But sometimes a movie will make you want to call them even though they are an hour ahead of you and you have nothing to say.

So the heat has sort of broken, but only kind of – and suggestions for the next movie I should escape into would be greatly appreciated.


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