Triple Digit Distraction: Bachelorette The Men Tell All

So yesterday’s high peaked at 100 degrees (it’s already cooler today thank God), but I couldn’t hightail it to my usually movie theater refuge, because I had other pressing plans (thankfully they were also air-conditioned).  As I have mentioned before I have a soft spot for The Bachelor franchise, and this season I have had the wonderful experience of sharing my love of campy, obviously staged, but yet somehow still compelling romances (and my love of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling) with my friends Madison and Alyssa.

We have created a delightful drinking game, with sort of ever-shifting rules, (for example last night we drank every time Joe pumped his fist at something), but these are the main 5 that can apply to any season of the show:

  1. Drink when they say ‘journey’ or ‘experience’ – it used to just be journey, but they really cut down on that this season
  2. Drink when Chris Harrison states the obvious
  3. Drink when someone says ‘I’m definitely falling,’ ‘I love you’ or my favorite ‘I could really see myself spending the rest of my life with’ – this last one is usually said after a second date.   
  4. Drink when they make-out (this one gets dangerous as the season goes on so pace yourself)
  5. Drink when someone accepts a rose

For this season we also added a few specific rules that I loved too much to not include:

–          Drink whenever Ryan says something ridiculous/delusional/mostly offensive

–          Drink whenever Sean screams ‘Emiiilyyyy’

–          Drink whenever Michael talks – oh wait he literally never did

–          Drink when Emily swears

–          Drink when Chris Harrison has sass (last night’s addition – seriously where did that come from?)

–          And drink whenever Jef is amazing – oh wait that’s always


I hope you guys are ready for the finale this Sunday!!!

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