In Lieu of an Adventure: Olympics Edition

So I must have been bitten by a tsetse fly this weekend, as my mother would say, because even though I didn’t do much beyond some laundry and grocery shopping I managed to feel exhausted. My friend Alexis has a theory that watching men’s gymnastics is exhausting, and that works for me.

I love the Olympics, the pageantry, the sports, the international cooperation, the men not really wearing clothes:

And this year with the added bonus of 90% more Ryan Locthe (I mean come on look at those eyes…)

Also the Opening Ceremony was such a delightful string of British inside jokes and it included a shot of my favorite places in the world the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland:

And then today a Northwestern Wildcat – Matt Grevers – won a gold medal for America, I couldn’t be prouder.


2 thoughts on “In Lieu of an Adventure: Olympics Edition

  1. Today, water polo became my new favorite sport. I don’t even really like to swim, but by the end, I wanted to jump in the pool. Also we had a ton of fun trying to guess what the rules were.

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