Thing I Love: The Princess Bride

As part of my two week long birthday celebration (I just happened to visit home right before my birthday, this is not standard for me – usually I just have a nice dinner and talk to my mom) a few friends and I went to see The Princess Bride at the Chicago History Museum (part of the Movies in the Parks.)

And I was reminded just how amazing this movie really is. I of course already knew this, but I discovered/remembered a bunch of new things about it last night. I think because you really do experience a movie differently when you watch it with a crowd. Especially a movie like this, we were all clapping for Indigo and laughing with (decidedly not at) the Giant, and the communal response drew my attention to stuff I hadn’t remembered or recognized before.

Like how “Unemployed in Greenland” would be a great band name, or just how epic the fight scene between Indigo and the six-fingered man is. Also that the six-fingered man is named Tyrone, and clearly in a relationship with Prince Humperdinck – how had I missed that before?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen it, get some friends together and watch it, it’s never disappointing. Even if it’s just to stare at a young Carey Elwes – who manages to make even creepy flesh-colored facial hair seem attractive.

Also Fred Savage is adorable and wearing a Bears jersey – so you know, that’s awesome.


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