Thing I Love: W. H. Auden’s Poetry

I almost said “Thing I Love: W. H. Auden”, but that weirdly unpersonifies him ( Yes, yes I know that’s not a word, but what’s the opposite of personification?) I recently finished a really good biography called, simply, Auden, by Richard Davenport-Hines, and was reminded just how recently Auden wrote (because he was dead long before I was born I tend to think of him as a ‘long-ago’ writer, but he lived into the 1970s.)

Auden, although apparently pretty difficult to deal with as a person, had a wonderful ‘love your neighbor’ philosophy that came across really beautifully in his poems, a few of which I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of rediscovering recently. Including this one – which I’m sure you all know – but (1) it is hard to find legally hosted on-line versions of his poems and I don’t want to steal from his estate unwittingly (though I of course make no profit from this blog) and (2) I love any excuse to revisit this movie, even the sad part:


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