Not Devalued: Season 2 Premiere of Girls

That’s right, my favorite TV show that makes me uncomfortable about I must come across to the outside world is back, and I have a lot of feelings about it, but that’s probably not surprising.

Let’s start with Shoshanna, because she made me so happy in this episode. Not only was that hat she was wearing the most ridiculous things ever, but I adored the way she was the first one at the party, bearing cheese plate, just so she could unload to Hannah and Elijah about how OK she was with seeing Ray, which of course meant she was so not OK with seeing Ray. The awkward way that they floated around each other at the party was wonderfully done though. It is one of the struggles of my life, how to avoid people when your friend’s have tiny tiny apartments. When he did finally confront/compliment-insult her, I was really happy with the way that she stood up for herself, but I hope he learns his lesson and is nice to her. I have faith in Ray, I think this can be good for both of them.

Things that will not be going well include: the continued fallout from Adam’s truck crash incident. Hannah you cannot just be hanging around and helping out of a sense of guilt. Although their fight scene, complete with Adam balancing on his not broken leg trying to stop her from leaving his apartment, was harsh, I fully support her decision to go hook up with Donald Glover. (Full disclosure this support stems mostly from a love of Donald Glover.) That being said, I hate-love Adam, and from her Golden Globes speech I know Lena does too (well I think she actually loves him), so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again.

Speaking of people we are seeing again I just want to gush a little about Elijah. He is such a wonderful addition to the main group. His one liners about party themes (a French salon because he saw Midnight in Paris and thought “I could do that”) and his attempt to blame his failed go at bisexuality with Marine on the fact that she rolled her eyes were endearing and awful and wonderful – everything that I love about this show.

Of course from Marnie’s perspective that scene was far less entertaining. My guys over on Slate were talking about how this episode was more sitcom-y than last season. I wonder if this is just because Hannah’s “sort of kind of getting it together” as the Girls Facebook cover photo says, because poor Marnie having to inform her mother to stop telling her about her sex life, hooking up with Elijah, and crawling contritely into Charlie’s bed is clearly broken, and not something I remember seeing on any network lately.

And just a quick note on Marnie’s mom and Elijah’s older boyfriend I thought it was so brilliant how in their own ways they were each obsessed with telling the younger people around them that they are boring. In subtler ways I feel like I get this message from people older than me all the time. I think people have a myth of what their youth was like, or could have been like, and they project that onto people my age, fairly or not. I’m also really excited to see how the fact that Elijah let’s Paul pay his bills plays out.


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