Weekly Adventure: Emily King and Emeli Sande

Going to a concert knowing only about 4 songs from the artist is always a gamble, but last night it really paid off. Julia knew of Emeli Sandé because she’s from Scotland and apparently famous in the UK. I had heard her new album reviewed on Sound Opinions once and thought this song was catchy.



Well her show was AMAZING. Starting with her opening act, Emily King, who neither of us had ever heard of before, but was fantastic. And a sweetheart, we met her, no big deal.



 For some reason it isn’t letting my embed a youtube video of her amazing music, but click here for a sample of how awesome she is.

Emily King was so much fun that I got a little worried that Emeli wouldn’t outshine, but she was – to borrow one of her favorite words – wonderful.


She made me cry, dance, attempt to clap.


The youtube difficulty I’m having is sort of ruining this post, but I want to direct you towards one more song – she said she wrote it for her sister, and it’s such a wonderful anthem for friendship:



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