Weekly Adventure: The Coming World from The Poor Theater

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This show is two actors in a room at a storefront theater with the audience sitting in rows of folding chairs. In many ways it felt like theater in the black box shack at Northwestern used to feel at its best. (Full disclosure this might have been because the director Will Crouse and the producer Michael Medford, were at NU with me making theater that I watched a lot of.) But beyond the personal connection this play was so powerful in its humanity. The actors Abbey Smith and Dillon Kelleher completely embody their poor lost characters. And special praise to Kelleher for playing twin brothers – he created two characters so separate that, physical similarity of course not withstanding, you wouldn’t guess that they were played by the same guy.

Photo Credit – Justin Barbin

I was trying to write a synopsis that doesn’t ruin the plot, and I can’t. Just know that the show is heartbreaking and wonderful and so so real. Please if you’re in Chicago, it’s running for one more weekend at the Strawdog Theater on North Broadway (near West Sheridan) you should go. Click here for tickets. (They’re cheap too!)


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