Ten Songs I Can’t Stop Playing

In the spirit of my last playlist (of songs my friends and I were playing so often our neighbors must be sick of them) I’ve decided to make this a sort of regular feature. I’ve been keeping a list at my desk of the songs I’m loving right now and when it gets to 10 I’ll post them up here to spread the love.

San Francisco – Foxygen

recommended on Sound opinions (you’ll see that most of these come from podcasts)

Love Don’t Keep Me Waiting – Glen Hansard

recommended by Youtube when I was watching Kelly Hogan’s npr Tiny Desk Concert (which I also wholeheartedly recommend)

Wild Wild Live – Talking Heads

This was playing in a Starbucks a couple of weeks ago and I remembered how much I adore it

Right Moves – Josh Ritter

About a month ago Madison and I were at the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park about a month ago and the guy playing that night sang this song, which I had forgotten somehow.

Saturday Night – Sam Cooke

I am ashamed to admit that until this came up recently on my Buddy Holly Pandora station I thought that Cat Stevens wrote this song, I still love Cat, but you can’t beat Sam Cooke.

Wild Nights – Van Morrison

Someone on some podcast mentioned that this was the only Van Morrison song they liked, I love him, but I took the excuse to put this song back in heavy rotation.

Nothing But the Taillights – Clint Black

This was a childhood favorite of mine, another recent Pandora rediscovery (this video was filmed in Millennium Park too, so that’s cool).

Just To Make Me Feel Good – Adam Green & Binky Shapiro

This one is courtesy of Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) which is my favorite podcast that you should definitely listen to if you like this blog at all.

Emmylou – First Aid Kit

Highlighted on Sound Opinions’ Swedish music show (yep that was a thing), and then also mentioned on the Slate podcast. I can’t get the chorus of this one out of my head.

You Ain’t Dolly and You Ain’t Porter – Ashley Monroe feat. Blake Shelton

For those not in the know – Porter and Dolly

Following the theme of name-dropping country legends, this duet just makes me smile. (I think I heard Ashley on Fresh Air.)


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