Classics from the Queue: The Full Monty

I had seen one scene from this movie once on TV, but I didn’t know what it was from. The scene I saw was from a bleak British drama about unemployed men in post-industrial Northern England, dealing with a loss of masculinity that comes with waiting in a dole queue. Well, it turns out that’s what 3/4s of The Full Monty is, until it becomes an uplifting comedy about unlikely male strippers.

That’s not to say that I didn’t really enjoy it – I did.  It was just darker than I expected based on the cover, blurb, and (excellent) soundtrack. This is really a movie about desperation and insecurity, but you know with stripping. (Wait reading that sentence back I guess it’s not that big of a thematic leap.)

Although I enjoyed (and cringed at) the relationship between Gaz (Robert Carlyle) and his son Nathan (William Snape), the most moving performance was by far from Mark Addy. His Dave’s crushing lack of self-confidence was heartbreaking and although I really wanted to reach through the screen and slap him at points, his evolution was really lovely.

But enough emotional babbling, they also do this hilarious dance:


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