In Lieu of an Adventure: Memorial Day Weekend

It was a cold and gray holiday weekend here in Chicago so rather than barbecue and patio drinking I did a lot of indoor things this weekend, including:

Finally seeing The Great Gatsby

Which unsurprisingly I had a lot of feelings about. Mostly anger. Though I did like the scene where Nick (Tobey Maguire) gets drunk for the second time in Tom (the disconcertingly likeable Joel Edgerton) and Myrtle (Isla Fisher)’s apartment, it captured the bewildering joy of intoxication very well.

Discovering “It Could Be Worse”

Yet another web series about the theater world. (Have I told you to watch “Submissions Only” yet? Because you should.) This one is twisted, but also strangely hopeful. And it has (my favorite) Adam Chanler-Berat in it.

A Drag Show at The Call

It was a fundraiser for Renegade Dance Architects of Chicago, a company I love. And my friend Madison was backup dancing, which was awesome. It was fun, and it’s so close to my house that I still got to spend pretty much all of Saturday in my PJs in my apartment.

Seeing Renoir at The Music Box

 It was gorgeous, and Vincent Rottiers and Christa Theret were great. It’s also very French and strange.

Daydrinking at Lady Gregory to celebrate Memorial Day

Photo Credit: Julia's iPhone

Photo Credit: Julia’s iPhone

Yes I’m making daydrinking a word. Happy summer…at least theoretically…


3 thoughts on “In Lieu of an Adventure: Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I saw Gatsby last weekend too! Everyone left feeling kind of “meh” about it. And in my head it still looks completely different than Baz’s vision. Although seeing some of the clothes was great!

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