Not at All a Triple Digit Movie: The Bling Ring

It was almost chilly yesterday, my favorite weather, but I went to the movies anyway, because I wanted to see if Emma Watson could make herself as completely devoid of personality as Alexis Neiers on Pretty Wild.

Full disclosure, I don’t tend to enjoy the work of Sofia Coppola. I find the stories she chooses to tell shallow and her characters distant and cold. (Yes this includes Lost in Translation, no I’m not particularly interested in your thoughts on why I’m wrong about that movie. It’s a matter of taste.) But that totally worked for this subject matter. These were shallow, emotionally disconnected kids, who didn’t think of their victims as people but as icons of a sort.

I’ve wasted a lot of my time watching stupid reality shows about people who aren’t particularly talented at anything other than self-promotion. So while I’ve never aspired to go to the school where “The Hills girls” went or “have my own lifestyle brand,” I can understand to a certain extent what these kids were fixated on. Obviously I can’t understand how you jump from reading too many gossip blogs to robbing houses, but I don’t know if this movie is even really about that.

Overall the movie was a quick, slightly repetitive, glimpse at the dangers of excess. No new ground was broken really, but I was moved by the performance of Israel Broussard. The sole male member of the central group, his baby face really drove home how young these kids were, which made the truly astonishing amount of cocaine they do even more shocking. He was the most sympathetic of the kids, seemingly motivated more by a desire for social acceptance than a weird love/idealization of Lindsay Lohan.  

By the way Emma did a pretty good job (though her accent slipped through a bit at times):

And the end credits feature this fantastic Frank Ocean song, which is pretty apt


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