Bonus Adventure: Yellow Moon at Writer’s Theater

I’ve always meant to go to a show at Writer’s Theater. I’ve heard great things and Julia used to intern there, but it’s in Glencoe, and while it is very accessible by train it can be hard to talk myself into a suburban adventure. But last night’s trek out to see Yellow Moon in the Writer’s black box (which is in the back room of an independent bookstore therefore combining my two favorite things in the entire world theater and buying books) was definitely worth the Metra ride.

Yellow Moon was written by David Greig, who also wrote one of my all time favorite plays The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Heart. Moon manages to be remarkably similar to Prudencia, in that the actors are really story tellers, who slip in and out of character and speak directly to the audience, and at the same time completely different from it. Mostly this is a much darker story. It follows a teenage delinquent kid named “Stag Lee” (played by the remarkable Josh Salt) and Leila, a shy troubled girl enamored with Lee’s charisma (the equally wonderful Ashleigh LaThrop) as they deal with the consequences of a terrible Friday night they share in a cemetery.

Like with Belleville I fear that revealing too much will take away from the powerful way the story unfolds, but I will say that this cast (filled out by John Lister and Karen Janes Wodsitch as the various adults that come into Lee and Leila’s path) has great chemistry, and a clear love for the piece they are performing. Their energy was palpable (which makes it even more insulting that a man fell asleep in the back row. It’s a tiny theater, I literally can’t think of anything ruder.)

Anyway you should all hop on the Northern Line Metra to Glencoe, this play is worth it.


The show runs through July 14th at 664 Vernon Avenue in Glencoe


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