Weekly Adventure: Pitchfork Festival 2013


For those of you who aren’t aware, I volunteer at the Open Books bookstore near Chicago & Franklin, which is part of a great literacy non-profit that you can read all about here.  You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about this at the beginning of a Pitchfork post, but it actually makes sense I promise.

Pitchfork has a great program where they get volunteer staff through non-profits and then give those organizations booth space and money from the ticket proceeds, and the volunteers get to hang out for free after their shifts.

So this past Saturday if you were a VIP at Pitchfork you probably saw me pointing you away from an exit. After I was done with my incredibly taxing job, I wandered around the tents. Part of what I love about Pitchfork is the poster vendors, and while I didn’t buy any, (a blessing given the rain I got caught in later) there were a lot of gems:


After taking in a few, only at Pitchfork sights, like this man actually cutting the new Cut Copy single, which randomly wearing a doctor’s coat:


rock doctor

My fellow volunteers and I sat in the grass listening to The Breeders, who I know I should know more about. But I really liked them, especially this song:

Then it was time to get up and dance to Solange, who was adorable and energetic, and probably insane:

(I loved this song so much better live without the over production, she’s more talented than this recording shows.)


Then Belle and Sebastian, who were clearly having so much fun, and so was I, until it was raining, a lot. And I gave up, but not before hearing this song (and a few other favorites):



AS you can probably tell I have an iPhone now, and have joined Instagram – follow me! @kathryndennett


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