Weekly Adventure: Hideout Block Party/AV Fest 2013


My favorite festival of the year was this past weekend, and honestly I’m still recovering from how tired I was by the end of Saturday night.

I forgot my camera on Friday, so I don’t have many good pictures from the first day, but I got a couple:


Nude Beach (rather unfortunately named if you ask me)

These guys were the first band I saw, and they were fun. Their lyrics were old school pop-y but they played loudly to give it some edge:

Up after them was Trampled By Turtles – who won for best band name – but I didn’t get close enough for a picture, but I liked their sound:

Then it was time for Mavis! (Staples if you don’t know, but you should know.)

See - my phone camera really sucks at night - but that's Mavis Staples!

See – my phone camera really sucks at night – but that’s Mavis Staples!

I had seen her at the Block Party 2 years ago, and she was amazing. She was equally as inspiring this time around, which is remarkable given the fact that she had knee replacement surgery recently.

Watching her perform is like what church should be.

The last act of Friday night was Neko Case, who is amazing – and I didn’t even attempt to upload any of the pictures I took of her because they are ridiculously blurry. But her set was awesome, and Kelly Hogan was her backup singer which was of course amazing:

Then on Saturday I did remember my camera!

Which is good because Eugene Mirman should up to introduce The Both – which is the new joint project of Aimee Mann and Ted Leo – both of whom I love.

Eugene Mirman introducing The Both

Eugene Mirman introducing The Both

Generally I liked their set, despite some technical issues, but this was only their 6th show playing as a duo so I’ll forgive that.

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann

Ted Leo

Ted Leo

  After them came The Walkmen – who I had never heard before, but enjoyed. Though I think the lead singer (Hamilton Leithauser) screams a bit too much – he’s got a nice voice when he isn’t pushing to painful extremes…


Drummer Matt Barrick playing a tambourine and a triangle at the same time

The Walkmen

The Walkmen

Then came Superchunk! Who were has full of energy and power and I wanted them to be, and had hilarious super fans who stood behind us critiquing the song choices, because you know the set list should be up to them.



I was pretty happy with it they played this:

And my new favorite this:

Speaking of energy – they were followed by The Hold Steady – who are fronted by the delightfully eccentric Craig Finn

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady

After their set my friend and I were tired so we sat on the porch at the bar and listened to Young the Giant close out the night:

All in all a wonderful weekend.



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