Weekly Adventure: 12 Nights from The Hypocrites

As you all know by now, I’m a little bit obsessed with Shakespeare. It’s sometimes an unhealthy relationship, which requires me to leave logic far outside the theater door and accept that for instance, people name their twin sons the exact same name for no reason. (I promise at some point I will stop harping on The Comedy of Errors, but that point is far off – that show is so infuriating.)

Anyway 12 Nights, the new four actor, vaguely 80s set, delightful update of Twelfth Night that The Hypocrites are putting on at the Chopin right now, lovingly makes fun of some of the sillier twists in the original farce and made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of the beach chair I was sitting in. (My favorite joke makes fun of the fact that in modern adaptations of Shakespeare the obsession with marriage becomes ridiculous.)

Interspersed with 80s sing-a-long numbers (complete with boom-box) the show races through the plot, and it might have been almost too campy, except that the ensemble (Jeff Trainor, Christine Stulik, Tien Doman, & Zeke Sulkes – who wonderfully plays both Sebastian & Viola) are so delightfully committed to the show that you can’t help but go along with them.

The show runs through October 6th at the Chopin at the 1543 W. Division St


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