Weekly Adventure: Jam Packed Weekend Edition

Sometimes I need a weekend to recover from my weekend and this was one of them, but at least it was for really fun reasons. So here’s what I did…

The Sovereign Statement at the Neo-Futurists

I’ve written about the Neo-Futurists trademark show, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, before, but they also do original stand alone plays as well. On Friday my boyfriend and I went to watch them as they found a micro-nation in their theater in Andersonville. In true to Neo-Futurist fashion it was funny and meta and disturbing and heart breaking and broke out into at least 2 or 3 different plays running concurrently in different rooms at one point. It’s a long discussion about what makes a country, but it’s also a puzzle and on what card you’re issued as you walk through the door determines how many clues you get to solve it.

The show runs through November 23rd at the Neo-Futurist Theater at Foster & Ashland

Wild Belle at the Metro

I first saw Wild Belle at The Hideout Block Party in 2012, and thought they were a pleasant enough festival band, but a little repetitive, then I started really listening to their music and fell in love with their vibe, so I was super excited when Julia asked me to tag along to their sold out show this Saturday at the Metro.

First up was their opener, Saint Rich, who were good (though the sound mix was a bit off and I couldn’t really here their singer) and are from new Jersey, which might explain why they are all dressed as Bruce Springsteen in different era (except the singer, mostly because Bruce wouldn’t wear that hat.)

Not to say I don't like the hat, because I do

Not to say I don’t like the hat, because I do


Saint rich drummer

Wild Belle themselves were amazing, we got there right at doors so we were 2 rows back, I felt like Natalie was singing right to me, and as Julia said “I just want to live on an island with them.”

natalie wild belle

Oh did I not mention the sax? He's awesome at the sax

Oh did I not mention the sax? He’s awesome at the sax

wild belle dup

Lord of the Flies at Steppenwolf (for Young Adults)

I have a lot of issues with the novel Lord of Flies, I won’t go into all of them here (this post is already long enough) but suffice to say I think an allegory of civilization that is populated exclusively by English schoolboys just isn’t very interesting or realistic to me. But, I love Steppenwolf, and I’ll go to whatever they put on.

And they do a wonderful job of bringing this story to visceral, uncomfortable life. And Spencer Curnutt as the affable, civilization minded Ralph, Dan Smeriglio as the poor Piggy, and Ty Olwin as the gleefully blood/power thirsty Jack are charismatic and wonderful.

The only happy scene in the whole show…also the first one

If you like the original story at all I’m sure you would love it.

The show runs through November 15th at the upstairs theater at Steppenwolf at 1650 N. Halsted


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