Weekly Adventure: Hawaiian Lion/The Belle Game/Bear Mountain at The Empty Bottle

Somehow I have lived in the Chicago area for over 6 years and hadn’t been to The Empty Bottle until last night, which is a shame because it’s a really cool venue, and if you show up really early (as Jules and I tend to do) you will be right in front of the band, and it will feel like you are having your own private dance party, or at least that’s how it felt for me.

First up were Hawaiian Lion, who are a local Chicago band I had never heard of but now plan to become a huge fan of. Julia and I had a lot of fun listing all the people they reminded us of (everyone from Weezer to Johnny Cash) and then just settled on the image of taking my iTunes and wringing it out like a sponge, the resulting band would sound like these guys. I’m so glad they’re local, because I can’t wait to see them again.

Next up was The Belle Game, who I also love (so much in fact that I am wearing the awesome tee-shirt I bought from them last night today – like the big dork that I am. But seriously listen to these songs:

They are just as cool onstage as their music sounds, (side note the couple of them that I met after the show were also really nice…)


The Belle Game with Ian from Bear Mountain

That second picture is the perfect transition to the last band of the night, and the original reason Jules and I decided to go last night – Bear Mountain. She had seen them this summer at Lollapalooza and then put them on my annual birthday mix and I fell in love with them (and I’m not usually as into the more electronic stuff she likes – not enough banjos) but these guys are an exception.

And I have a confession, I didn’t get many good pictures of them because 1) by this point we were so close to the stage that they all would have been from a strange angle, but also I was dancing so much that the pictures all came out even more blurry than my normal horrible concert photos, so here’s my one attempt that’s even remotely sharable:


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