Weekly Adventure: Colin Meloy at Park West

My friend Maggie asked me to tag along with her to see Colin Meloy at Park West awhile ago, and I agreed because I’ve always mostly liked The Decemberists (though some of their songs are so creepy that when they come up on my shuffle when I’m home alone at night I have to turn them off.) I am so glad I did, he basically led the crowd in a Sing-a-Long last night and it was beautiful.

But first I was introduced to my new obsession, his opening act Eleanor Firedberger. Basically I want to be her:

 eleanor friedberger

Then came Colin, who was as adorable and talented and funny as I wanted him to be:

Colin Meloy

Also for those who were curious he and his wife just bought a farm with llamas, because of course they did.

More importantly – his encore was this, and singing along with every part was one of the best communal musical moments I’ve ever had:


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