It Wasn’t Always Fun Was It?: Girls Season 3 Premiere (both episodes)

You guys remember back in season 1 when Girls was a comedy? You know before all of the rapey scenes that go unremarked upon and horrific OCD-related Q-Tip incidents? Well if these two episodes have anything to do with the rest of the season, then that show we (or at least I) fell in love with. I actually laughed out loud at these episodes guys! (And cringed of course – I related way too much to Hannah’s interpretation of hiking, which included lying down in some leaves while listening to This American Life on her phone.)

So checking in with all our girls to start off the season: Hannah is living in co-dependent ‘bliss’ with Adam, and continues to think she is more grown up than she is. As mixed as my feeling continue to be about Adam it is interesting to have him so incorporated into the central group. He so clearly doesn’t belong there, but he gives such an interesting (if harsh) view on female friendship.

Speaking of – I love that Shoshana tagged along on the “rescue Jessa from rehab” trip and showed off her signature blend of inanity and accidental wisdom. Also Zosia Mamet and Adam Driver have a wonderful comic chemistry, is this the first time we’ve seen them together on-screen? That should happen more.

I don’t have a ton to say about Marnie except that Rita Wilson as the mother “putting the work in” on self-improvement is hilarious. I’m excited that Marnie seems to be accepting her inner bitch, it should be funny to watch.

I have a lot of feelings about Jessa, I always have as you know. I can’t say I’m surprised by her willful manipulation of literally everyone at her rehab facility, but I really do wish that one of these days one of the “you need to stop hurting everyone around you for fun” speeches characters are constantly delivering to her will seep in. But then I guess where would the show go?


FYI – you can watch the first 2 Episodes for free on YouTube right now


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