We Literally Just Had This Conversation: Girls Episode 4

I take back what I said last week, maybe this show is just supposed to be how supremely unlikable Lena can make Hannah and Jessa while keeping any viewers? This episode revolves around death – specifically the death of Hannah’s editor, whom I will be mourning because 1 – I adore John Cameron Mitchell and 2 – someone needs to.

Hannah’s response is to worry about the fate of her e-book, and to worry a lot about what it means about her that she doesn’t seem to feel anything. In some ways this was a refreshing take on this plot twist, as a person (to paraphrase Hannah) isn’t always a “strong feeling” person, I can understand the ambivalence of waiting for an expected emotional reaction that doesn’t seem to be coming, but there is a difference between not being in step with expectations and having no compassion of any other human being.

You can probably tell that I am very frustrated with Hannah right now, appropriately so are Ray and Adam. I’m glad there were some people speaking up for the value of human decency, but it’s sort of bothering me that Lena seems to be relying on the male characters to be the voice of moral reason this season. Though I’m glad whenever we get to see Adam’s emotional side (that speech about how “the world would blur” if Hannah died was very powerful) it’s important to me that he not become some ideal, he is a crazy person too.

Speaking of crazy people, I unreservedly loved the other main plot this week, where Jessa finds out that her friend had staged her own death to get away from her horrible influence. Although I have grown weary of other people telling Jessa she’s awful without any character development on her end – this particular iteration of that trope was so over the top and yet believable that it totally charmed me. Plus the friend’s husband trying to decide if he had to keep up the charade was a delightful bit of subtle comedy.

Shosh and Marnie were also in the episode: Shosh loves her bandanas and Marnie is still a mess.



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