Sorry I’ve Been Missing, Have Some Music…

My actual job (the one that allows me to pay for rent and theater tickets) has gotten a little crazier than usual lately, so I haven’t been able to post this playlist I’ve had sitting on my desk for over a week. Sorry about that! Enjoy the songs they are mostly folkie, because I always fall back in love with folk music in the spring and I’m willing spring into existence. (Chicago is not yet listening to me…)

Worried Man Blues – Peter Seeger (& Johnny Cash)

Skin & Bones – The Avett Brothers

On My Way – The Melodic

I saw these guys (and awesome girl) open for Johnny Flynn at SPACE in Evanston a few months ago. They are so much fun.

All My Little Words – The Magnetic Fields

The poet in me is obsessed with the line “Now that you’ve made me want to die, you tell me you’re unboyfriendable” for some reason.

The Way We Move – Langhorne Slim & the Law

The Water – Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling

Hard Enough – Brandon Flowers (& Jenny Lewis)

I have always loved this song, I didn’t know until right now that Jenny Lewis sang on it. The world is a wonderful place sometimes.

Housewife’s Prayer – Pistol Annies

Angel That Flies From Montgomery – Bonnie Raitt

The Voice is back, which means that I get to hear people sing mediocre to good covers of songs I love and then I remember that I love them. Who said reality TV can’t serve a good purpose in my life? Also look at baby-Bonnie in this video!

Tradition – The Belle Game

Because I love this band so much I have a poster of them in my pantry…


I hope to be back to regular updates soon!!






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