Poem of the Day Project: from “A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman”


Photo Credit: Gareth B. Thomas – from a 150th anniversary edition of this book-length poem


From far, from eve and morning

    And yon twelve-winded sky,

The stuff of life to knit me

   Blew hither: here am I.

Now – for a breath I tarry

    Nor yet disperse apart –

Take my hand quick and tell me,

    What have you in your heart.

Speak now, and I will answer;

     How shall I help you, say;

Ere to the wind’s twelve quarters

     I take my endless way.



Something about this portrait makes think AE had sass


(Disclaimer: I’m basing my poem choices on those I understand to be in the public domain. If I’ve made a mistake – which is very possible – and you own the copyright to a poem I have posted please e-mail me at igetabitobsessive@gmail.com and I will take the post down immediately.)


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