Music for a Chill Weekend

Actually not okay at all…

I’ve been lacking blog inspiration lately, I apologize for my infrequent posting. But here’s some songs I plan on listening to this weekend while I recover from crying my eyes out at The Fault in Our Stars tonight.

Overdose – Little Daylight

Above My Ground – Landlady

You have to love a band that creates “official vegetable music videos” for their songs.

Another Reason – Loamlands

Coffee – Sylvan Esso

And I have to give this duo credit for my discovery of both Landlady and Loam Lands on their playlist for the great podcast The Dinner Party Download.

Blue Moon – Glen Hansard & Lisa Hannigan

This just makes me the happiest.

Heyday – Mic Christopher

Don’t Save Me – (HAIM cover) -Bear’s Den and Joe Banfi

Thanks to Jules for sending this one along on Facebook this week.

Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

There will always be an angsty teenage girl inside me that loves every single this band puts out.

Iko Iko – The Dixie Cups

For reasons I was not awake enough to process this song was playing on NPR at 6:05 one day this week. I cannot get it out of my head now.

Things I Already Should Have Known – Everybody All The Time

Full disclosure – these guys are my friends, but what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t brag about how cool your friends are. Plus I genuinely love this song – so enjoy.









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