Things I Love: Ten Most Influential Books

There’s a fun Facebook meme circulating in my friend group over the last week, where people list the 10 books that have “stuck with them” the most. In other words, not the best books you’ve ever read or even your favorite books, but those that influenced you the most; the ones that pop up into your head the most. It was hard to pick just 10, but it was also really fun to think about (and reminded me of an old blog series I did on Non-Required Reading Lists).

I already posted my picks to Facebook, but you know I like my lists to include pictures, so I’m reposting it here (in no particular order):

Sense & Sensibility – Jane Austen – By far my favorite of hers. The push and pull between Elinor and Marianne is so moving to me.

Angels in America – Tony Kushner – I reread it once a year and it’s always surprising me/making me cry

(This is also the only “movie” cover of a paperback that I actually prefer to the original cover. This image is so perfect.) 

Love is a Mix Tape – Rob Sheffield – Speaking of tears…but also a wonderful love letter to his wife and to music, and a testament to the power pop culture can have in our lives

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee – I don’t feel like I need to explain this one…

Brooklyn – Colm Tóibín – I want to just say “every book by Tóibín” but I chose this one because at times it felt like I was holding a mirror up to my life

Minor Characters – Joyce Johnson – Helps to me to reconcile my feminist self with my love of the Beats (and that mirror thing again)

Howl – Allen Ginsberg – There are few poems that are so alive.

Anne of Green Gables Series – L.M. Montgomery – My first literary obsession, my mom and I read all 8 books together, and I still aspire to be as confident and fun as Anne Shirley

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – Because its awesome, made me think about a world I had no familiarity with, and brought me closer to Hanna

Our Town – Thornton Wilder – Because it’s the book that best describes my whole philosophy on life, the mundane is precious, easy to ignore but beautiful, and we all have something eternal about us.

(Click through on any of the pictures to buy them on Amazon!) 


I’d love to see your lists! Comment below or send them to


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