Music for My Walk to Work

I’ve been settling in to grad school life, and have manged to wrangle not one but two jobs for myself, and that means I have a lot more walking in my week, which is lovely, because it means I won’t gain quite so many pounds from the crazy amount of quesadillas I’ve been eating and I get time to listen to my podcasts/new music. Here are some new favorites:

Take Me to Church – Hozier (Warning: this video is beautiful but contains some disturbing content)

My favorite new band, and he’s Irish! (Because of course he is…)

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon 

Thanks Maggie for the heads up that they have new music! Their show in Austin is already sold out  😦 but if you live somewhere else they’re on tour, and super fun live.

Sound of Change – Dirty Heads

This one comes recommended by Lys, who has recently returned to her SoCal routes, just like this band. The beat is also just a great one to walk to.

All About That Bass (Classroom Instruments Version) – Meghan Trainor feat. Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

Yeah, I know I’ve read all the Jezebel critiques of this song, but it’s catchy as Hell, and I love these versions that The Tonight Show does, they’re just so fun.

Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs

I kind of can’t believe I’ve never shared an Olly Murs song on this blog before. I was obsessed with him on the UK X-Factor, while I was studying abroad in Ireland, which you can read about on my old Tumblr. And I continue to be completely charmed by him.

If You Wanna Stay – The Griswolds 

Miró, Jules and I saw these guys open for Miniature Tigers my first week in Austin, and they were so. much. fun. Miró put together a fun post on them (completely with Spotify playlist) over at her work blog, which you should all check out.

Some Girls – Racey

Sometimes I go down internet rabbit holes nudged on by old episodes of British panel shows on YouTube, and then I get obscure 80s pop songs in my head they won’t go away. What, that doesn’t happen to you?

Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

Victoria and I rock out to this one in her car, but it’s also got a great beat for walking.

Lucky Now – Ryan Adams

Another one that came on Victoria’s car radio, though of course we didn’t exactly rock out to this one so much as sing along thoughtfully, but it’s still one of my all time favorites.

Rave on! – Buddy Holly

“Lucky Now” was way to somber a song to end a playlist that includes 3 songs with the word “Dance” in the title, so here’s my go to pep up music, because the view on some these walks includes this view:

which doesn’t suck.











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