Weekly Adventure: Nice Work If You Can Get It at the Long Center

 I went to a play last night! There isn’t as much opportunity to go to the theater in ATX as in Chicago (though I’m not sure there’s anywhere other than maybe New York and London where there’s as much theater as Chicago) so I’ve been missing the thrill of going to a live show. Thankfully Miró and her mom Amy are looking out for me, and brought me to the touring company of Nice Work If You Can Get It, last night at the Long Center, which is a beautiful venue:

 And the show was really fun! It’s essentially a Gershwin compilation and an homage to classic Broadway musicals, where the plots don’t quite make sense but the dancing is absolutely amazing and the singing is great. I had wanted to see this show when it was on Broadway a few years ago,  because I have yet to see Kelli O’Hara sing live, but of course I didn’t make it. But last night’s leading lady Mariah MacFarlane was fantastic. Her second act solo on “But Not For Me” gave me chills.

(Of course that’s Ms. O’Hara’s version above, but it’s so great.)

The other standout in the cast for me was Reed Campbell as the bootlegger-turned-butler, he was hilarious and charming and everything the roll required. The sets and costumes were also great, but of course the real star here was the music. Favorites from last night were “Sweet and Lowdown”

And my all time sentimental favorite, “Tomato/Tomahto” (also known by its real name “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”

nice-work_event32-640x420 The show runs through October 2nd at the Long Center 701 W Riverside Dr.



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