Weekly Adventure: Charli XCX at Emos

photo (24) It is hard to take good pictures of Charli XCX onstage, and not just because I have an old iPhone (there’s not even an S on the end of the model name), but because she never stops moving. She comes out in your face with a song that’s chorus is highlighted with a raised middle finger and the energy really only goes up from there. I was joking all day leading up to the show that I was going to pretend I was a teenager for the night, but there was actually a really fun mix of people at the show, because though she’s famous for this song from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, she’s actually kind of badass and her whole vibe is just unapologetic and cool.

Plus her band are all women and they had a really fun Josie and the Pussycats  (the really underrated Rachel Leigh Cook satire version) vibe going on

photo (25) And maybe her songs aren’t breaking any new ground musically but the world always needs catchy pop songs, and she writes her own. (In case you still can’t figure out where you know here from she’s the girl who does the choruses on “I Love It” and “Fancy” – both of which she did last night including the Iggy Azalea rap from “Fancy” which I liked better than Iggy’s version frankly.)

Anyway here are a couple of my favorites of hers I hope you get up and dance, because that’s what last night really was, a really fun dance party:

(Bonus point: London Queen has a JFK reference in the chorus, so you know I’m obligated to love it – which is fine because it’s really fun.)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Adventure: Charli XCX at Emos

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