Award Show Roundup: BAFTAs 2015

Yep I once again chose to watch a delayed broadcast of the British Academy Awards over the Grammy’s, because I guessed (correctly) that the only part of those I would care about would be all over social media (you should watch this though…it’s pretty amazing.)

The BAFTAs didn’t have a ton of surprises, but there was a lot of British charm. My highlights were:

Stephen Fry being as adorably British and jolly as he has been hosting for the past decade or so:

Stephen Hawking was there to see Eddie win, and he got in a pretty good one-liner too:

Boyhood continued its march to Oscar glory, and Patricia was gracious and lovely as always:

And because Richard Linklater (and the rest of the American directors) were at the DGAs so Ellar Coltrane got to give this really beautiful speech:

Also Wes Anderson won for Original Screenplay and sent Ralph Feinnes up with this great speech:

My favorite face, Jack O’Connell, won the Rising Star award. And his speech was ridiculous and now I love him more than ever:

There were a lot of unremarkable dresses, but a few stood out:

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford (Photo Credit: WENN Daniel Deme)

Side note: Austin theaters, please start showing Still, Alice, I only have a few weeks left…

Rosamund Pike in Roland Mouret

Amy Adams in Lanvin (Photo Credit: WENN)

Léa Seydoux in Prada (Photo Credit: David M. Bennett/Getty)

Hanna Bagshawe in Valentino and Eddie Redmayne (Photo Credit: WENN Daniel Deme)

Julie Walters in Adrianna Papell (Photo Credit: Getty)


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