Thing I Love: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

 I don’t tend to binge watch comedies. Part of the appeal of a good sitcom is the comfort of the familiar, but when episodes are taken all at once that can seem very repetitive. But I made an exception for the new Tina Fey/Robert Carlock show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which you should all be watching on Netflix right now. Especially if you love:

Theme Songs!

Celebrity cameos!

 Cults! (That was a weird thing to write with an exclamation point, but I felt like I had started the pattern. Anyway, I’m fascinated by cults and so this show was basically made for me)

 Diverse casting and many different types of women!

Ellie Kemper is amazing as the Pollyannaesque title character, who is so sunny in the face of horrific treatment that it can be hard to remember what she’s been through (until the show undercuts the sappiness with a cynical reference – because Tina Fey wrote this people).

But more impressive to me are Broadway vet Tituss Burgess as her hilarious roommate, and the galaxy of crazy that surrounds them. What I love about Fey and Carlock’s universe is how it is at once completely over the top outrageous and somehow biting and real.

If you want to understand any of the jokes I make in the next month or so you should watch it. (I’ll quote it even if you don’t – just ask anyone that was around Lys and I after the first season of Please Like Me came out).


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