Rainy Day Movie: Tomorrowland

 “Rainy Day” really doesn’t begin to cover the weather that hit Texas yesterday (and the preceding week) more like “walls of water falling from the sky” with some white lightning thrown in. My apartment was thankfully unaffected, but I really don’t handle storms well so I made the very questionable decision of leaving my house yesterday to go to the Alamo on South Lamar because there wouldn’t be windows. I hadn’t had any real desire to see Tomorrowlandbut it was a pretty great pick me up.

It felt like an old-school Disney movie, like the ones that would be on really late at night on the Disney Channel and mixed live action with animation in a clunky but still wonderful way, and are more than slightly preachy about believing in yourself and despite the darkness around you. Substitute animation with CGI in that sentence and that’s a perfect description of this movie.

Thomas Robinson as a young George Clooney 

But it’s more than just comforting, the action is well  paced and shot and the cast all seems to be having a ton of fun. I don’t want to go into the plot too much, it’s actually very fun to watch it unfold, but it was a lot more thought-provoking than I was expecting. Hugh Laurie makes an appearance as the menacing Governor Nicks, and gives a great monologue about how addicted to outrage and despair we’ve all come to be. It’s so easy to ask what’s wrong in the world, but this movie is a great reminder to ask the next question, “How do we fix it?”

It’s also a great riff on the disparity between the early 60s idea of what the future would be vs. what we have now. (What’s the point of a jet pack anyway? – Fun!)

 Also the girls are great, and kick ass and are full humans who hold their own with Clooney, so that’s pretty cool.


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