Six Degrees of Cinema: Ricki & the Flash

 I’m still trying to figure out Ricki and the Flashnot because it’s particularly complicated – it’s a fairly run of the mill dysfunctional family dramedy with an excellent cast and bonus Meryl Streep/Rick Springfield soundtrack – but because, although I had a fun time (and got caught up in the emotion) in the end I’m not sure there’s much to this. It felt like a bunch of moments, some great, strung together with fun songs. Which is great, because, well Meryl Streep – but it was clearly trying to say something about ambition and family and love, but I’m not quite sure what that something was.

That being said it gave me 3 great moments:

  1. Mamie Gummer with her unwashed, post breakdown hair stirring up drama between her parents and her brothers because she just doesn’t have energy to be polite.

2. Rick Springfield & Meryl Streep using this song:

to convey more emotion than any speech in the script.

3. Meryl singing one of my favorite songs of all time:

I forgot for most of the movie that it was written by Diablo Cody (then she shows up dancing to U2, which was pretty cool.) I still think of her as the voice of Junowhich isn’t fair, because I saw Young Adult and they are not similar (though thinking of these 3 together I like the variety of weird women Cody has brought to the screen. There’s a stereotype of the “alternative” woman and she sort of refuses to allow easy categorization for her characters. Ricki, for instance, despite her anti-establishment life choices, is a pro-military Republican.) So, I’m going to use her as my link and watch Paradise (because you couldn’t pay me money to see Jennifer’s Body.)

In this chain: The End of the Tour – Ricki & the Flash


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