Weekly Adventure: Austin City Limits Festival 2015

IMG_3620 Austin is famous for its live music and it’s festivals, and though I missed it last year, I was pretty excited about this year’s ACL lineup – mostly because of Hozier, but others too. I could only really give up one day of time so I chose yesterday.

I got to Zilker around 3:45 and got to catch the end of Sylvan Esso‘s set.

IMG_3587 I only really knew one of their songs, but I really liked their stage presence, and was glad I got to hear them play:

Then I wandered over to the next stage to see The Decemberists, who I had seen years ago at Dillo Day at Northwestern (I think), and then I saw just Colin Meloy a few years ago in Chicago, but I hadn’t seen the whole band together since I’ve been actually familiar with their music.

IMG_3604 They seemed to be having a lot of fun playing and it translated to the crowd, plus they had this awesome American Sign Language interpreter whom I was pretty obsessed with:

As often happens at festivals, I found myself watching the screen more than the stage, which is how I saw that Kelly Hogan was singing backup!!

IMG_3615 For those new to this blog, Kelly Hogan is one of my favorite musical artists of all time. (You can read about my love here and here and here and here and on a million of my playlist posts – most recently this one.) And while it was a real thrill to see her, I want a new Kelly Hogan record – so stop touring with your awesome friends a record one please!!

Even though she did get to hold this paper whale during The Mariner’s Revenge Song:

IMG_3624So that’s pretty fun. Also fun – singing along to this with a crowd, that won’t ever get old:

After this set I sort of wandered around, bought myself some junk food, and saw this awesome tip jar:

IMG_3629 Then I stumbled upon Vance Joy. He’s very pretty:

IMG_3631And I spent a few songs thinking I had made a great new discovery (even embarrassingly texting Julia so that she could be hip like me). Until he played this, and I was realized he’s famous:

But most of his stuff was new to me, so who cares. I particularly liked this one:

After his set, I thought about maybe going to see Of Monsters and Men play, but decided instead to stake out a spot for Hozier, because I am not proud about how excited I was to be close to him. I did pretty well:

IMG_3646 By the time he took the stage, my feet hurt and I was tired, but then he started to sing and I forgot all about it:

This review sums up my feelings pretty well (except it doesn’t mention the tears, there were some tears). But like, how could there not be:

IMG_3663 Aside from his incredibly lyrics (something new jumps out at me every time as my new favorite line), I was really impressed last night by his talent as a guitarist, which I don’t think comes up enough when we talk about him.

You can see from his hair how much he was moving

You can see from his hair how much he was moving

He did a couple of really great covers, including one of an Ariana Grande song, and this one:

I’ve talked a lot, both on the blog and off it, about how powerful I find the experience of singing communally, and I know it’s putting too fine a point on it, but singing with Hozier and the rest of the crowd last night really felt like, well, church:

And then, because I couldn’t remember a single Strokes song, and all I know about The Weeknd is that he’s dating one of the Hadid girls, I went home, floating on a Hozier buzz.


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