Weekly Adventure: Thanksgiving East Coast Adventures

So, it’s finals. And I didn’t really have time to fly home last week for Thanksgiving, but it’s been a rough semester and I needed a break, so I did.

After a long traffic jam/drive home from the airport on Wednesday, I made my Dad drive me to, Modern Apizza, the best thin crust in the world (in my correct opinion).


Which kicked off a lovely 4 days of eating way too much, but being pretty happy about it. Thanksgiving itself was at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Charlie’s house, we had a small group, but a lovely table.



This is one of my favorite family picture ever, I’m just sad Garrett and Kate weren’t there to join us.

And, of course, there was my dad’s pie:


On the Friday after, my mom and I and Nancy went to see Brooklyn, which is great, and I will blog about in a few weeks after it gets nominated for awards.


Then that night I taught my parents how to use their Roku (my dad is now obsessed with Man in the High Castle, which I also like but find very hard to watch for more than an hour at a time.) And met Hanna for dinner at a new place in New Haven, Tarry Lodge, which is a Mario Batali restaurant. The food was good, but I’m not gonna lie, I was surprised to see a celebrity chef thinking of New Haven as a market.

On Saturday, my parents and I met our family friend Mary (or as I refer to her, my NYC godmother Baboo) for a trip to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

IMG_4189 I had read a lot about this place in my Historical Museums class. (Like a lot. Like every time an article would start talking about equal representation or a socially conscious museum it would cite the Tenement Museum.) We went on the “Irish Outsiders” tour, which told the story of a real Irish family (the Moores) who lived in the building in the 1860s. It was a German building, the Moores were not popular. The tour was story based and interactive, at times it felt a little forced but mostly it was engaging (our guide was wonderful) and thought provoking. I want to go back and go on the other tours. (And it would be pretty amazing to work at a place like that in the future.)

We then went for a great lunch at the Stanton Social, where I later learned on Instagram Retta also ate that day. Because my family and I are trendsetters clearly.

Then my Dad headed back to CT to take care of the dog (whom I didn’t manage to take any pictures of this trip, which is a travesty I will rectify over Christmas.) And Mary took my Mom and I to our new favorite New York place, The Campbell Apartment, which is in Grand Central, used to be an apartment, and is the prettiest place I’ve ever had a martini.


Then my mom and I braved the rain (OK a light drizzle) and the odds (but for real though). To try to win tickets to Hamilton. (I feel like if you read this blog, you already know I love Hamilton, not because I’ve written about it, but because it’s a musical about American History, which basically means it was created for me. But also, it was created for every one. It is amazing.)

I feel like my mother’s comment on my Facebook picture sums up the experience the best:


And though we didn’t win, we did get to witness this:

Though our view looked more like this:


We’re going to try again when I’m home for Christmas. We even kept our special ten dollar bills.


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