Award Show Round Up: SAG Awards 2016

Sorry, this post is a little late. I was going to do it yesterday, but then I had a “man-mosa” at brunch at Banger’s (those things are no joke). So I had to focus on getting my writing for school done. (Oh, and I had to watch Grease Live!, which was unexpectedly awesome. You can read my reaction to that on Twitter.)

Anyway, the SAG Awards were on Saturday night (which is a weird time to have an award show…), and they were pretty awesome. There weren’t a whole lot of surprising winners, but there was a lot of diversity up on that stage. And I couldn’t help but feel like the younger union members were sending a big F-you to the Academy. Not that any of these people weren’t completely worthy on their own merits, that’s my point. There are excellent performances coming from all kinds of people/portraying all kinds of people. And the exposure that these kinds of awards can bring will hopefully help push more diverse stories through the production pipeline. OK, preaching over, here were my highlights:

Jeffrey Tambor is the classiest act going:

I don’t even watch Orange Is The New Black anymore, but I love watching this group of women win awards:

I was also very happy for my love Alicia Vikander, though her actual acceptance speech got a little rambly.

And I would gladly have let Idris Elba give every speech of the night:

(also Ted Sarandos from Netflix got thanked so many times that I didn’t even have to Google to confirm that that’s his name…)

(Also, Jacob Tremblay is fantastic.)

But, we would have to take a break for Queen Latifah:

Lifetime Achievement Awards can derail the rhythm of an awards show, except when the honoree is Carol Burnett and they get these 2 to present:

(I know this clip is long, and will probably be taken down due to copyright concerns, but every second of it was wonderful and affirming.

Viola breaks down the BS idea of “likability”:

I love how much SAG still loves Downton Abbey, and how surprised the cast always seems by that:

I just feel like Brie Larsen and I would be best friends:

If nothing else, this awards season is letting me fall (back) in love with Leonardo Dicaprio. (And despite Amy’s joke, he actually deserves this award, not just because he climbed inside of a horse, but because he managed to make me care about someone in an Iñárritu film, which I didn’t think was possible*). Also, he gives good acceptance speech:

*Side Note: I have not seen Biutiful, it’s possible Javier Bardem could have achieved this as well.

And, the correct cast won best ensemble:

It was a good night for fashion as well, lots of colors and risks, which is cool to see. Here were my faves:


Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton (Photo Credit: fashion sizzle)


Nicole Kidman in Gucci (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 

(Side note: I rewatched Practical Magic this weekend with some friends. 2 things: 1. It holds up. 2. I’m glad to see her return to her redhead roots.)


Laverne Cox in Prabal Gurung (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Kate Winslet in Armani (Photo Credit: Jason Shearer/Getty)


Saoirse Ronan in Michael Kors (Photo Credit: FashnBerry)


Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab (Photo Credit: Getty) 


Katie Lowes in Christian Siriano (Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty) 


Hannah Bagshawe and Eddie Redmayne in Dior (Photo Credit: WireImage)


Hannah Murray (Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage)


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