A Mixed Bag of Music

I usually at least try to manufacture a theme to tie together these music posts. But, looking down at the list I’ve been building in my notebook over the last month or so, there’s just nothing that all these songs have in common. Which may say a lot about my state of mind right now (I’ll be done with grad school in under a month, and less than a month after that I’ll be moving up to New York City!)

Yeah, I slipped the biggest update I’ve had in awhile into parentheses…it still doesn’t quite feel real yet, but I promise I’ll write an actual post about all that stuff at some point. But for now…music, enjoy the eclectic mix:

This Is How It Starts – Tacoma Narrows

These guys followed me on Twitter awhile back, and I was flattered so I followed them back, and I’m glad I did, because they are awesome. (Though hard to Google.)

Basket Case – Sara Bareilles

The Right Profile– The Clash

You can thank You Must Remember This for this one. It’s a good song, but mostly, it’s an excuse to Google Image Search Montgomery Clift again…


Not that I need one…

Left Hand Kisses – Andrew Bird feat. Fiona Apple 

His new album is pretty great. Groundbreaking criticism, I know, but he’s a genius there isn’t much to say beyond that.

Snake Eyes– The Milk Carton Kids

I don’t remember if I shared this video of these guys making Marcus Mumford cry after I went to their show in December, but it’s worth sharing again even if I did.

Bread & Roses – Joan Baez & Mimi Farina 

Speaking of crying…

Marilyn Monroe– Nicki Minaj

(Told you this was a mixed bag…and this is another YMRT find.

Dairy Queen– Pwr Bttm

I wish I could say I was cool enough to have discovered these guys at SXSW, but actually I first heard them in the credits of an episode of The Outs and then went down a YouTube rabbit hole and fell in love. They are delightfully strange.

The Schuyler Sisters – the cast of Hamilton 

Because, let’s be real, I’ve been listening to this album near constantly for like 9 months. And pretty soon I’ll be waiting in lotto lines again!

We Shall Overcome – everyone at Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday Concert 

I went down a real Pete Seeger YouTube rabbit hole a couple of Saturday’s ago. It gave me a much needed dose of optimism about this country. I highly recommend it.


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