Back to School…I mean…Back to Blogging

I’m not going to start yet another post with an apology for the gaps in updating. I clearly needed a break from blogging so I took one. (I’ve been doing this since February of 2012!) But this past weekend I’ve been itching to get back to some of my on-going series. (Stay tuned for a new Best Picture recipe once it has cooled down enough for me to turn on the oven.) For today though, I’m going to ease back in with some music.  Here’s a list that goes back a few months (the page in my notebook it started on is opposite my notes on Sing Street) so I guess this is a collection of songs that stuck with me throughout the spring and summer, just in time to welcome fall.

Ring Them Bells – Joe Cocker

I had actually written down the Bob Dylan original of this, but while I was looking for the original, I found this Joe Cocker version and, you may remember how I feel about Joe. (Though this video is a little cheesy for my tastes, I just love his voice so much…)


Oh What a World – Rufus Wainwright 

To Find You – Sing Street 

Portugal – Walk The Moon 

Freedom – Wham! 

Thank TBTL for this one. We all remember Freedom ’90, at least you do if you read this blog, but this earlier song is great to. And the intro to this video is an interesting time capsule.

Love Yourself – Justin Beiber 

I hate how much I love this song.

Lower Your Expectations – Bo Burnham 

I watched this special awhile ago and frankly don’t really remember much of it, but this song is pretty great.

Gagarin – Public Service Broadcasting 

My fellow interns at the Tenement Museum and I went to see these guys live on the USS Intrepid this summer, and I totally fell in love with them.


Plus Hillary and I got to meet one (and his mum) and we were totally smooth about it…

Everybody Knows – Dixie Chicks