Sad Motivation Playlist

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Sometimes I get weird thematic ideas for playlists, and this week inspired by Brandi Carlile’s Grammy performance (see below), I put together this mix of songs that are uplifting but also sad. Because, apparently that’s a genre I like a lot.

As always, the mix is available here on Apple Music.

The Joke – Brandi Carlile

She Used To Be Mine- Sara Bareilles

Little Me- Little Mix

Rainbow- Kacey Musgraves

Sign of the Times- Harry Styles

(This was going to be an all female mix, but then I couldn’t help myself…)

Not Ready To Make Nice- Dixie Chicks

Praying- Kesha

Golden- Kelly Hogan

GIRL- Maren Morris

Long Live- Taylor Swift

Music For Your Weekend

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As always if you want to listen to this playlist on Apple Music, you can click here!

Carolina – Harry Styles

Happy Birthday Mr. Styles!

TROUBLE – Parov Stela feat. Nikki Wiliams

Wedding in Finistère – Jens Lekman

Come On-A-My House – Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Imelda May

Did you know Jeff Goldblum is a jazz pianist? I didn’t until today, when something from his album came up on my “For You” on Apple Music.

Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

(Just in case you need a cry this weekend…)

Call My Name – I’m With Her

Thunder Road – I’m With Her

Did you know there is a charity album of ukulele covers of Bruce Springsteen songs? Well, now you do.

Carry On With Me – Júníus Meyvant

The Tide – Niall Horan feat. The RTÉ Concert Orchestra

It’s not surprising to anyone who knows me/follows my Instagram and saw the trek my boyfriend and I took last fall to Niall play in deep Jersey, so I was pretty excited to see today that he released a new version of his album Flicker today with the backing of the Irish TV station RTÉ’s in house orchestra. The original album is lovely, but we thought he and his band were much better live than in studio and I think these versions of these songs show a part of why.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go – One Direction 

Since we now have two former members of One Direction on this list, let’s end it with a classic. Have a great weekend!

Music For Your Weekend

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There is so much new music from artists I love that came out today, that I’m actually kind of overwhelmed, but I did manage to make you all a mix anyway. (Mostly of new stuff, some older that I was reminded of. You can listen to it on Apple Music here!

Red Bull & Hennessy – Jenny Lewis

Tim described this to me this morning as “exceedingly Stevie Nicks,” which makes it exceedingly for me.

Merry Happy – Kate Nash

If U C My Enemies – Rubblebucket

Overexcited – Guster

I used to listen to a lot of Guster, I haven’t in a long time, but this popped up in my “For You” playlist and I got very confused because they aren’t British, but he is singing this with a British accent. But also, it’s catchy…so…enjoy?

Small Victories – Lemon Twigs

King of the Dudes – Sunflower Bean

Don’t Lie To Me – Big Star

Breathe – Backstreet Boys

My Instagram followers already know that I am un-ironically loving the new BSB album (what can I say, they were implanted in my brain at a very impressionable age).

you only live once – isaac gracie 

Why is this video just an image of not isaac gracie? Your guess is as good as mine.

Harmony Hall – Vampire Weekend 

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 13)


Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

I know I said last week that I don’t love this song, but I do really, really love Taylor Swift and so her whole setlist is on the playlist.

Don’t Swallow The Cap – The National


Ryland – I’m With Her

I Could Use a Love Song – Maren Morris

No Children – The Mountain Goats

All These Things I’ve Done – The Killers

I Am All That I Need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint Scar – Fleet Foxes

Rainbow – Kacey Musgraves

Holiday – Olivia Chaney

Ready For You – HAIM

As always you can see the whole list (including T. Swift’s whole set) on Apple Music here. And this week’s non-streaming bonus song is:

Life In The Fast Lane – Niall Horan covering The Eagles

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 12)


Call It What You Want – Taylor Swift

This was the first performance from the Reputation era that I really fell in love with (“Look What You Made Me Do” is not my fave song). So, I’m glad I could find a video, even if it strangely cropped.

Second Wind- Maren Morris

Cheerleader – St. Vincent


Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National 

“I still owe money to the money to the money I owe” is one of my favorite lyrics of all time.

Still Life – I’m With Her 

Kiwi – Harry Styles 

Sinking Sands – Sunflower Bean 

Somebody Told Me – The Killers 

Bad Idea – Katharine McPhee and Eric Bergen 

(Obviously this sounded better in the acoustics of a theater, but I really love the score from this show, and McPhee was SO GOOD in the title role.)

Mirrors – Niall Horan 

Funnily, this means we have the closing encore songs from both of the former members of One Direction I’ve seen play live this year on the list this week.

As always, you can listen to the whole list on Apple Music here. And this week’s not available to stream is:

Sacré Coeur – Niall Connolly

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 11)


Cool Your Heart – Dirty Projectors 

Fear and Trembling – Gang of Youths 

I Am a Good Man – Niall Connolly 

We All Die Young – The Decemberists 

I like live versions of this song more than the album because there are no creepy children’s voices! (Why do people keep doing that?)

Seeing Blind – Niall Horan feat. Maren Morris 


I don’t think Maren is on stage with him at this moment, but as you can see, my blurry photo tradition continues to create mysteries

Everybody Does – Julien Baker

Alaska – Maggie Rogers

Don’t Save Me – HAIM

<a href="http://”>Was this year Este almost died from a low blood sugar? Because she looks amazing if so…

I do not look that cute when I’m low (bass face or not).

Mr. Brightside – The Killers 

Apparently they closed with this here, but they opened their Boston Calling set with it, which is kinda baller.

Havana – Camila Cabello 

As always you can listen to the whole list (with new additions this evening!) here on Apple Music.

This week’s not on the playlist special:

Carey – I’m With Her covering Joni Mitchell 


2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 10)

Happy (day after) Thanksgiving! I hope you are full and sleepy and relaxed, here’s some music to soundtrack the rest of your break!


Let Me Down Easy – Gang of Youths 

I know, I’ve shared this song here before, but it’s still one of my favorites, and I’m going to see them live again in a few weeks, and can’t wait to dance like crazy to this.

High Hope – Glen Hansard

Roman Holiday – Olivia Chaney

Cannibal Resource – Dirty Projectors

Pills – St. Vincent

Slip Away – Perfume Genius

I have a confession, I didn’t love Perfume Genius’s set at Boston Calling, in fact this was the only song that made it to the playlist, which means this will be my only chance to share this not great photo I took.


Sign of the Times – Harry Styles 

The Man – The Killers 

I legit did not like this song until I saw it live, and now I kind of love it, which shows you the power of Brandon Flower’s stage presence.

Blind Spot – Field Report 

Wild One – I’m With Her 

If you need more background noise, you can listen to the whole list here.

And this week’s not available on streaming bonus is (appropriate since this week marks the end of her tour):

Long Live/New Year’s Day – Taylor Swift


2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 9)


Imperfections – Olivia Chaney 

Carolina – Harry Styles 

(Just a reminder, that this was my show! That’s why I’m using this video despite the not perfect sound. Also, our view was a little different from the upper deck.)

We Are Never Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift 

Unintentional juxtaposition of pop stars I promise. (And of course, this one‘s not about the above anyway.)

Persevere – Gang of Youths

This was the first show I went to this year, and therefore this song was the first time I cried at a concert this year.IMG_0962

Paying My Way – Glen Hansard

See You Around – I’m With Her

Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes

Curse of the !-5 Corridor – Neko Case

Shot at the Night – The Killers

That’s A Lifestyle – Dirty Projectors

As always, the whole list is here for those of you with Apple Music. But not everything is available, even through Apple, so here’s this week’s live bonus:

American Girl – The Killers covering Tom Petty 

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 8)


It’s a banner day in this series – there’s no Taylor Swift on this list! (To be honest, “End Game” did come up on shuffle while I was putting this together, but it was already included so, we are Swift-less this week.)

When You Were Young – The Killers 

The Rio Grande – Kacy & Clayton 

Shelter – Olivia Chaney 

Song of Good Hope – Glen Hansard 

Give a Little – Maggie Rogers 

(I’m a little obsessed with her right now, and am happy for her that her SNL performance went so well, but also having some hipster feelings about loving her before John Mayer posted about her on Instagram…)

The Mariner’s Revenge Song – The Decemberists 

I’ve seen/participated in this twice this year, here’s what the whale looked like at an outdoor festival:

Image-1 (1)

Memoria – Sunflower Bean 

Soliloquy – Joshua Henry 

Unfortunately couldn’t find a good quality live version, but it was truly astounding to hear him sing this in person. This is also the first theater song to pop up on the list! I know it may seem incongruous, but this was one of the best musical moments of my year!

(And yes, I know the gender dynamics of this song/this show are retrograde and way more than problematic, but also, I love this song.)

Fool’s Errand – Fleet Foxes 

Since We’re Alone – Niall Horan 

As always, you can listen to the whole playlist, with new additions from I’m With Her from last night! on Apple Music. But not everything is available even from the Apple monolith, so here’s this week’s live only bonus (also from Niall, but I swear I use a random number generator to pick these):

Drag Me Down – Niall Horan’s touring band version 


For those of you who don’t know, this is a One Direction song, but Niall plays it like he’s trying to channel Duran Duran. (Credit for that reference to my boyfriend. Also credit to him for coming to the middle of nowhere New Jersey to a Niall Horan show with me.)

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 7)


I Did Something Bad – Taylor Swift

Sorry about the weird cropping, I’m posting this version specifically for the way the editing turned the lyric from “if a man talks shit” to “if a man talks…then I owe him nothing” which I think most women in the world can appreciate.

(I kid, I know, #NotAllMen. Not even all the ones I know.)

Dance For You – Dirty Projectors

Burn It – Sunflower Bean


The rare, semi-decent concert shot taken by me

Brunswick Stew – Kacy & Clayton 

This is a real, old-fashioned folk song, which means it’s really fucking dark. You’ve been warned.

Seven Nation Army – Jack White 

Spaceman – The Killers 

Hip Hop Kids – Portugal. The Man 

Calling Cards – Neko Case 

(This version includes my love Kelly Hogan, who unfortunately was not on this Neko tour – though I have seen them sing together live and it’s magic.)

Wonder Woman – Kacey Musgraves 

Shiny One – Belly 

As always, if you have Apple Music, you can listen to the full playlist here.

Today’s bonus, not available on that platform track is:

Roll On Slow/Gloria – Glen Hansard