Filmanthropy is the name I’ve given my strategy for dealing with the fact that bad people sometimes make good, or at least nominated, art. I like to see (and blog about) the major nominated films each year, but I don’t like giving my money to people I believe to have done horrible things that their fame has allowed them to escape facing any consequences for. (Or in lesser cases when they a bunch of stuff I really disagree with, I’m looking at you Clint Eastwood.)

So, I’ve adapted a concept I heard of on (my favorite podcast TBTL. One of the host’s girlfriend loves Chik Fil A but cares about gay people. So when she breaks down and pays for their food she defrays the money she gave them by donating double the money to a charity like The Trevor Project. (She calls it Chik Fil’Anthropy.)

In my case, when I see a film that is made by (or in some cases stars) an unsavory character, I pay double the ticket price to an organization that works against the particular brand of evil the artist perpetrates. For example, if I was to ever pay for a Woody Allen film (lately unlikely for nominations, but still…), I would donate double the ticket price to an organization like RAINN.

Starting this awards season (2017), I’ll be sharing what organizations I gave my filmanthropy money too on the “And the Nominees Are” posts. I hope you’ll consider donating as well!